Odyssey Airbrush Returns, Part 1, 0.5oz KK

by Odyssey
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  • Turn traditional gel polish into easy control nail arts automatically
  • Creating marbles, stripes, flowers has never been easier
  • Breakdown gel polish into water-like gel
  • No artistic skills needed soakable


  1. Prep the nails
  2. Apply two coats of gel polish of choice, cure in between for 30 sec LED/UV 1min
  3. Apply Airbrush Returns, Do Not cure
  4. Use dotting tools or brush to apply color gel pattern of your choice, Do Not Cure
  5. Draw desired art and wait for a few seconds
  6. When desired arts are achieved, cure 30 sec LED/UV 1 min
  7. Apply Non-Cleanse top gel and cure 60 sec LED/UV 2 min