Apres Cuticle Serum, Winter Returns (Pear, Hyacinth, Amber), CO4, 0.5oz, 57830

by Apres
SKU 57830

Nail care IS skin care.

Aprés Cuticle Serum is a nourishing blend of turmeric root extract, almond and jojoba oil and Vitamin B to moisturize and soothe the cuticles and encourage healthy nail growth. There’s also no sticky, oily residue after application. With its refined formula, each Cuticle Serum has fast absorption and a smooth, supply finish. Available in four different scents, Aprés Cuticle Serum will elevate any nail service into a spa-like treatment.


  • Fast absorption!
  • No oily residue.

Available in 4 Scent:

  • Spring Steps: Coconut, sage, and jasmine
  • Summer Touches: Orange, violet, and cedar
  •  Fall Retreats: Grapefruit, rosemary, and magnolia
  • Winter Returns: Pear, hyacinth, and amber


Shake the bottle of Aprés Cuticle Serum to activate the two components. Once thoroughly mixed, apply a drop or two onto each finger and massage into the cuticle.


Aprés Cuticle Serum contains Almond Oil.

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