Apres Extend Gel Novice Glue,Jar, 15ml

by Apres
SKU 78913

New to Gel-X? Then this is the perfect product for you! Our Extend Gel Novice was created for the beginner Gel-X enthusiasts. Its thick putty-like consistency keeps the Gel-X Tip in place more easily, allowing you more time to adjust placement or correct any mistakes.

New users of Gel-X often have a tricky time preventing the Extend Gel from overflowing and properly maneuvering the Gel-X Tip under a light to cure. With Extend Gel Novice, you can let go before curing without worrying the Gel-X Tip will shift!

Extend Gel Novice is HEMA-free and soaks off as easily as our Extend Gel. It partners perfectly with our Neutrals Gel-X Tips and Heavenly Top Gelcoat for an effortless, polished look.

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