Kupa ManiPro Passport (Filing Machine) Limited Edition With KP-60, HANA (Japan), Buy 01 Free 03 Kupa Gel (Base, Top No Clean & Matte Top)

by Kupa
SKU 97042-PRO

MANIPro Hana Complete (PHANTOM Black) + MANIPro Desktop Cradle

Manufactured from durable stainless steel, the MANIPro HANA® Handpiece is our fastest, most elegant Handpiece. A precision handcrafted instrument with reliable speed, torque and durability. Sleek, ergonomic and vibration free with an ultra high speed coreless motor, manufactured exclusively in Japan. Beautiful contemporary design, featuring KUPA’s exclusive diamond pattern finish. Inspired by the makers of “Mont Blanc” precision writing instruments! Designed for professional nail technicians with high expectations and discriminating taste!

Our smallest Handpiece yet! At a total length of 4.24”, a slim body diameter 0.8” and ultra light weight at 5.36 oz. The HANA Handpiece is capable of 30,000 RPM with virtually no vibration! It has a molded strain relief cord.

The MANIPro Hana® comes complete with a stainless steel belt clip and a plastic handpiece holster which can snap on either side of the control box.

* Hana Handpiece
* Hana Portable Control Box
* Charging System
* Stainless Steel Belt Clip
* Plastic Handpiece Holster
* Instruction Manual

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