NotPolish Neutralizer, 30ml

SKU 84362

Introducing Neutralizer from Notpolish an innovative product that eliminates the strong smell of Monomer when doing acrylic nails. The strong odor can give one headaches; so we decided to help you professionals out. Simply add a couple of drops to your dappen dish with Monomer, until you see the smell is gone or tolerant for you. For all beginners, who are practicing at home this is perfect for you! No more letting your house smell like Monomer; add a couple of drops and you will notice the difference. This product was designed to help all Nail Enthusiast and Nail Pros when it comes to the odor of Monomer. This unique formula can be used with other brands of Monomer. The applicator included gets the perfect droplet when adding some drops to hide the smell leaving a Peach scent aroma. So, it is time to make your clients happy when they are getting their acrylic sets done from you!


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